September 27, 2019

What are some recent improvements to Smyle Mouse™ hands-free mouse control?

Smyle Mouse v2.7.4 (released April 22, 2023)

Fixes for scroll feature so that it can be stopped by holding still in the start zone or by a smile.  Fix for dwell clicking bug when using multiple monitors.

Smyle Mouse v2.6.5 (released January 30, 2023)

Introduced easy scrolling based on Click Opts window.  Scrolling speed is adjustable based on amount of head displacement from the start position of the scroll.  My Smyle tab was added to Settings window to display basic information about the registered copy of Smyle Mouse, as well as a Reset Settings button to get all settings reset to default values.

Smyle Mouse v2.5.1 (released January 12, 2023)

This version included default settings that help minimize settings tweaks by beginner users.  It also includes smart algorithms to figure out user intent (clicking versus click-and-drag) resulting in ease of use.

Smyle Mouse v2.4.6 (released November 08, 2022)

This improvement includes an exciting feature called Turbo Mode for Head Pointing.  It allows hands-free control of your mouse pointer even when using two or more large display screen / monitors, while using just one webcam.  Turbo Mode allows your mouse pointer to travel large screen distances without losing pixel perfect accuracy.  This can be a game changer for people with severe restrictions on their head motion.  However, it can also be an ease of use feature for everyone, regardless of how many computer monitors they use.  We also made enhancements to enable precise control of scrolling speed.  That makes for a much easier document reading and internet browsing experience.

Smyle Mouse v2.3.4 (released August 2022)

This provides improved user feedback based on the green versus pink facial highlights.  It also included bug fixes for minimizing false positive detection of smile gesture.  A new setting was included to automatically minimize the Main Window at the end of the calibration process upon restart of Smyle Mouse.

Smyle Mouse v2.2.0

This version of our hands-free head mouse was released on March 29, 2021.  Its primary objective was to fix an issue exposed after the latest Windows update.  Some users started experiencing mouse pointer display issues wherein the display of the mouse cursor degraded after every smile.  E.g., the mouse cursor would shrink in size or became blurry after smile clicking.  This release also fixes a minor issue during registering your device.

Smyle Mouse v2.1.0

This release was intended to be a robustness and performance release.  Improved face tracking allows for quick recovery even when view of facial features is lost upon the user turning their head away from the camera.  Performance is improved as much as 33% in certain situations!  A new setting (“Frame Rate” on the Preferences tab of Settings window) provides greater control to the user in achieving the pointer motion smoothness while trading off against CPU utilization.

Smyle Mouse v2.0.2

This introduced ability to purchase Smyle Mouse on a monthly or yearly subscription basis.  This provide easy payment options to our customers.  It also included adjustments to default settings to make the experience to new users much easier without sacrificing any of the features needed for advanced users.  You will find that the mouse motion is smoother and smile clicking is easier for new users.  Advanced users can tweak pointing and clicking settings to get greater control on finer drag motions that need to be performed slowly, for example for doing fine art work.  The greatly improved range of mouse motion (for a given amount of head motion) brings additional comfort to the user.

Smyle Mouse v1.9.8

This included changes for smoother mouse motion, allowing click only mode (via Adaptive Switch mode).  This is especially helpful for people with Parkinsons or carpal tunnel syndrome.  It also includes ability to prevent inadvertent clicks upon excessive head motion.  It shows onscreen messages such as when face or lips are not visible. The release also includes bug fixes related to mouse dragging functionality.

The previous version (v1.9.6) provided ability to have only the Pause click button on the Click Options window. Click Options window can now be smaller and therefore tucked away at a convenient place on the desktop, thereby minimizing the amount of screen space. This is greatly beneficial when using AAC programs. The release also provides ability to control the level of head motion filtering at the start of a smile. This is an ease of use feature for new users or users with poor head control.