November 17, 2023

Scrolling – Using head motions & smile or dwell

Hands free scrolling with Head Motions and Dwell/Smile

Smyle Mouse head mouse allows easy hands-free scrolling, using the following steps:

  1. Select the Scroll icon from the Click Opts window (by dwell or smile clicking on it)
  2. Move the mouse pointer to the content that you want to scroll, and click anywhere (on the content to be scrolled) using a dwell or a smile.  A Yellow Circle and a scroll icon will appear at that location.
  3. Move your head up or down to move a small scroll pointer above or below the Yellow Circle.  That will scroll the content up or down respectively.  Simply increase or decrease the tilt of your head to control the speed of the scroll.
  4. To end the scrolling, simply move your head to the starting position so that the small scroll icon moves back to the yellow circle, and hold your head steady for a fraction of a second.  That will end the scroll mode.  (Note that if you are in smile clicking mode, then you can smile to end the scroll mode as well.)