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The Smyle Mouse™ is the next generation in head mouse assistive technology. It includes traditional head mouse functions as well as a face gesture based clicker and a dwell clicker, all bundled together in one convenient software package. It allows complete hands-free and voice-free mouse control of devices running Microsoft Windows® 7 or above.

Users achieve hands-free headmouse control via simple facial gestures that can be tracked by a regular web-camera and without additional accessories, hardware mounts or messy wires!

  •     No expensive 3D or depth-sensing or infrared cameras required.
  •     No sip-and-puff, bite, head, finger, foot or other assistive switches required.
  •     No need to wear anything on the head or face... not even stickers!

Our Award-winning and Patented assistive head mouse technology can indeed improve the lives of people who experience difficulty or pain in control of their hands or arms.

Note: Smyle Mouse head mouse is based on US Patents 9013164, 9785242, 10137363 and 10191558.

One lifetime license of Smyle Mouse™ software costs US $499/device.

Please contact us at for volume pricing.

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