September 30, 2019

Settings Form – Pointing Tab (for configuring mouse pointer motion control)

Settings Form – Pointing Tab:  Used for configuring mouse pointer motion

The Pointing tab includes relevant settings used to control the behavior of the head mouse as it relates to the motion of the pointer.

Following are the main settings:
  1. Mouse Sensitivity (Speed)– Adjust the X and Y sliders to control the sensitivity in the horizontal and vertical directions respectively.
  2. Head Tremor Filter — Allows you to filter out head tremors.  Use the lowest setting that you are comfortable with.  Setting of 0 (zero) will give you the best control, if you have no tremor.
  3. Dwell Park Time — With Smyle Mouse, one can park the mouse pointer on the screen and leave it there so that the mouse is not always moving with your smallest of the head motions.  To park the mouse pointer, simply dwell (that is hold your head steady) for a set amount of time. This setting allows you to control how long you need to dwell to park the mouse.
  4. Mouse Stickiness — Once parked, the mouse pointer sticks to its location on the screen unless you shake/move your head more than a head speed threshold.  This setting determines the minimum speed with which you need to move your head before the mouse pointer will start moving again.  A low setting means the mouse leaves its parked position easily versus a high setting means more effort (faster head motion) is required to start moving the mouse again.

See Page 10 of the User Guide for more details.

Explanation of the Yellow circle around the mouse pointer:

The Yellow Circle around the mouse pointer has multiple purposes.  It helps the user quickly locate where the mouse is on the screen.  Secondly, based on its animation, it provides a clue related to the state of the mouse pointer, as follows–

  1. Full size & Solid Yellow Circle: means that the mouse pointer is awake and ready to more or moving in response to the user’s head motion.
  2. Shrinking size Yellow Circle: means that the user is dwelling and the mouse pointer will get parked (and therefore stuck) when the circle fully collapse.
  3. Missing Yellow Circle: means the mouse pointer has parked and therefore is stuck to its location on the screen.
  4. Full size but Broken Yellow Circle: means that the mouse pointer is attempting to start moving again but it cannot based on the current head speed.  As the head speed increases, the circle grows fuller.  When the head speed surpasses the Mouse Stickiness threshold, the mouse pointer starts moving and then the Yellow Circle becomes solid.