smyle mouse

Next-gen Head Mouse Control via Webcam!

  • Patented Head mouse & Face mouse software.
  • Head mouse includes Smile clicker & Dwell clicker.
  • No Stickers-on-face, 3D/infrared cameras, Adaptive switches, Wires, or Wearables required!

Hands-free & Voice-free Mouse Control with Your Smile!

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How It Works

What You Get With Smyle Mouse

Head Mouse

Hands-free Mouse Control

  • Point, Click (Left/Right, Double), Drag, Scroll
  • Pixel perfect precision, responsive and smooth
  • For devices running Microsoft Windows 7 or above
Adaptive Mouse

As Easy as a Smile

  • Simple and gentle gestures
  • No stickers on the face
  • Easy 10-second calibration
Assistive Mouse

Accessory Free

  • No additional cameras required
  • No switches, Sip-n-Puff, etc.
  • No power cords or wires to mess with
Face Mouse

Be Where You Want

  • Use it at your desk or chair, Use it in your bed or anywhere
  • Use it outside your house, Use it without a mouse
Assistive Mouse

Do What You Want

  • Communicate and socialize
  • Play computer games
  • Surf the Internet
  • Work
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Free, No Risk Trial

  • No credit card required
  • Download instantly and start using it right away
  • Free 14-day trial period

What People Are Saying

  • "I lost the use of my arms about two years ago so whenever I used the computer I needed assistance. So I only spent about 30 minutes a day on my laptop. Now after Smyle Mouse, I use my laptop over nine hours a day without assistance."

    Jeff Niklas, USA

  • "I've found Smyle Mouse to be an extremely polished product which also happens to be quite affordable. Plus, it works with your existing webcam. I have hand/wrist issues (just like everyone else in IT) and I've found quite a bit of relief, using this software."

    Ammar Rai, USA

  • "Perceptive Devices designs a 'mouse' you can click with your smile. Because a positive attitude will get you places!"

    PC World

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  • "New Software Replaces Your Mouse With Your Smile"

    Laptop Mag

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  • Perceptive Devices wins at the CEA Foundation "Technology that Improves Lives" Video Contest


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