October 4, 2019

Settings Form – Clicking Tab (for configuring mouse clicks)

Settings Form – Clicking Tab: Used for configuring mouse clicks by Smiling or Dwelling

The Clicking Tab has the following settings:

  1. Dwell Click Time — This is the time you have to dwell (that is hold your head steady) after which Smyle Mouse will generate a click signal at the location of the mouse pointer.  Increase the value of this setting if the clicks are too quick for your preferences.  The blue circular timer around the mouse pointer gives an indication of how much time is remaining before Smyle Mouse will generate a click.  If you do not want a click to happen, simply move the pointer before the timer completes.
  2. Dwell Click Zone — This setting defines the size of zone in which you have to hold the mouse pointer within (for the above mentioned Dwell Click Time) for Smyle Mouse to generate a click.  The size of the circular blue timer indicates the size of the dwell click zone.
  3. Show Click Opts window checkbox — This checkbox displays or hides the Click Opts window which allows the user to choose the action upon completion of the dwell or smile gesture.  The different options are– left click, right click, double click and click-and-drag.  Note that one button from each of the top and the bottom section of the window is selectable.  Therefore, if the top section has Right Click selected (highlighted) and the bottom section has X2 (double click) highlighted, then a double right click signal will be generated when the user performs either a dwell or smile gesture.

See Page 12 & 13 of the User Guide for additional details.