Hogan VanSickle (Law Student), United States [Spinal Cord Injury]

webdevuser | September 30, 2019
I never thought I would say a computer mouse changed my life, but it has. I suffered a C5/C6 spinal cord injury in 2016 rendering my hands completely useless. All my life I have been extremely tech savvy and love anything having to do with computers. After my accident I found a c

Elizabeth Jameson (Artist), United States. [Multiple Sclerosis]

webdevuser | September 30, 2019
I have progressive Multiple Sclerosis and have become quadriplegic, and slowly lost the use of my hands. What I like so much about Smyle Mouse head controlled mouse software is that it has been so easy for me to learn as compared to the eye tracking programs that I’ve used in t

Todd Bosomworth (Tech Enthusiast), Canada. [Multiple Sclerosis]

webdevuser | September 30, 2019
I first heard about Smyle mouse head mouse shortly after I lost the ability to control a mouse with my hand. I downloaded the free trial. The calibration was quick and easy, within minutes I was able to control the computer better than I had in years. I have been using Smyle mou

Carolyn (CPA), United States. [Multiple Sclerosis]

Uday Parshionikar | October 01, 2019
Dear friends at percept-d.com: I am writing to offer heartfelt thanks for Smyle Mouse hands free mouse and to let you know what a huge, huge difference Smyle Mouse has made in the life of my friend Carolyn, who purchased Smyle Mouse a couple of weeks ago after taking advantage

Kennedy Ross (2nd Grade Student), United States. [Spinal Cord Injury]

Uday Parshionikar | October 04, 2019
Kennedy Ross smiles a whole lot when she has a computer in front of her. It’s not only because the 8-year-old is happy. She smiles because that’s how Kennedy makes things happen on her computer screen using software called Smyle Mouse. “It’s very helpful,” said Kennedy,

Jeff Nicklas (Tech Enthusiast), United States.

Uday Parshionikar | September 30, 2019
“I lost the use of my arms about two years ago so whenever I used the computer I needed assistance. So I only spent about 30 minutes a day on my laptop. Now after Smyle Mouse, I use my laptop over nine hours a day without assistance. I watch movies, read books, browse the inter