October 4, 2019

Kennedy Ross (2nd Grade Student), United States. [Spinal Cord Injury]

Kennedy Ross smiles a whole lot when she has a computer in front of her.
It’s not only because the 8-year-old is happy.
She smiles because that’s how Kennedy makes things happen on her computer screen using software called Smyle Mouse.
“It’s very helpful,” said Kennedy, who’s in second grade. “It helps me with my school work and homework. And it makes me smarter and smarter.”

Smyle Mouse already has made a big difference in Kennedy’s life, said her mom, Kiara Whitmire.

“Smyle Mouse has allowed Kennedy to be more independent and allows her to do her school work and her class work,” Whitmire said. “Before, her nurse would have to write everything down for her. But now she’s able to do all the things on her own. She doesn’t have to whisper to her nurse. She doesn’t have to wait for the nurse to write it down.”

“Without Smyle Mouse she was more conservative. She didn’t really want to do much or she would get frustrated a lot,” Whitmire said. “But with Smyle Mouse, I see that she has a lot more confidence.”