October 1, 2019

Carolyn (CPA), United States. [Multiple Sclerosis]

Dear friends at percept-d.com:

I am writing to offer heartfelt thanks for Smyle Mouse hands free mouse and to let you know what a hugehuge difference Smyle Mouse has made in the life of my friend Carolyn, who purchased Smyle Mouse a couple of weeks ago after taking advantage of your trial offer.

First, a bit of background. Carolyn has MS and has been bedridden for several years. Her MS has progressed to the point that she has very little control of her limbs and cannot use a computer mouse or track ball at all; however, she does have full control of her head and neck. Carolyn is a very smart woman (she was a CPA), and she remains fully competent and alert, so you can imagine how frustrating it has been for her not to be able to operate a computer and to have to depend on someone else for everything—even just pausing a video on the laptop computer on the rolling stand over her bed.
In trying to find some way that she could control her computer, I investigated every possibility I could find. Windows voice control offered some potential; however, Carolyn can speak only softly, so speech recognition was not workable.
Then I found Smyle Mouse. Though the purchase of your software is a very significant investment, your policy of offering a free 14-day trial—that was a critical factor for us—and the excellent demo on your website led us to try it out. And are we glad we did! I first signed up for a trial myself and used the program on my computer to make sure that I thought Carolyn could handle it. Then I downloaded the program and installed it on her laptop. I made adjustments in the appropriate settings (particularly with regard to sensitivity), showed her how to use it, and helped her practice. I also set up the virtual keyboard on her laptop so that she could make it visible with a click of the Smyle Mouse, completely hands free.
That was last week. We hadn’t talked with her in a week, but, after visiting her today, my wife said, “You should have seen the big smile on Carolyn’s face!! She paused the video stream as soon as I walked in. She was so happy telling me that she has been selecting videos to watch, paying bills, and ordering things on line (a box containing one order arrived when I was there)!” What an incredible difference Smyle Mouse hands free mouse control has made in Carolyn’s life!
As you know, a feeling of autonomy—or, at least, some control over one’s situation—is a critical element for anyone’s happiness. Smyle Mouse has given Carolyn a degree of autonomy she has not had in years, so you have had an incredible positive impact on her life—and thus also on all of those who support and interact with her. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
One additional bit of information that you may wish to offer to others: Carolyn has another complication in that she tires easily and is most comfortable when she is lying flat (not sitting up). So I found a laptop stand that elevates her laptop base to about a 40-degree angle. I was then able to adjust the angle of the laptop screen so that her webcam has a good view of her face when she is lying flat.
The difference you have made in Carolyn’s life has no doubt played out in many other places and scenarios, but I wanted to be sure you knew what a difference you have made in this one case.
Scribner Messenger, U.S.A.
(Friend of Carolyn, a Smyle Mouse user)