Discover the Ultimate Carpal Tunnel Mouse Solution: No Hands, No Hardware, No Hassle

Uday Parshionikar | October 31, 2023
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) sufferers are no strangers to the relentless search for a mouse that doesn’t exacerbate their pain. From vertical designs to uniquely shaped widgets, many devices have been introduced to ease the repetitive strain that exacerbates CTS symptoms.

WCPO TV covers Smyle Mouse — Using smile power to give people with disabilities more independence

Uday Parshionikar | October 22, 2019
Cincinnati software uses smile power to give people with disabilities more independence. Article : Video:  

Smyle Mouse v1.9.8.8 released

Uday Parshionikar | October 22, 2019
The latest and most advanced version of Smyle Mouse hands-free head & face mouse control software (v1.9.8.8) was released in September 2019.  It includes multiple ease of use features and bug fixes.  The key features are as below– Click only mode — In some situ

Perceptive Devices’ Smyle Mouse Head Mouse wins People’s Choice Award at RESNA 2017!

Uday Parshionikar | September 26, 2017
We are happy to announce that Smyle Mouse software (the next-gen head mouse) was voted the winner in “Tech I Can Start Using Today” category by hundreds of professionals and experts in the field of Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology assembled at the RESNA 201

Smyle Mouse, the Next Gen Face and Head Mouse, improved based on user feedback

Uday Parshionikar | December 20, 2016
Perceptive Devices Releases Smyle Mouse Version 1.2 for Hands-free Head Mouse Control via Face Gestures Smyle Mouse Version 1.2 improves lives by delivering hands-free, touch-free and voice-free computer control via gentle head motions and facial expressions for use by people wit

Smyle Mouse head controlled mouse demoed at TEDx Cincinnati

Uday Parshionikar | December 20, 2016
Perceptive Devices was honored to be selected to exhibit/demo our technology at the Innovation Alley at TEDx Cincinnati event on June 16, 2016.  We demoed Smyle Mouse, the next gen in head mouse assistive technology at the event, and were very encouraged by the response.

Smyle Mouse Head Mouse: One of the Favorite Assistive Tech at ATIA 2016

Uday Parshionikar | December 20, 2016
People with limited physical ability can manipulate the mouse with a smile and small head movements. These are tracked by a webcam so the user can click, scroll, and even click and drag in order to read accessible text. See a video.. Blog by June Behrman,