December 20, 2016

Smyle Mouse, the Next Gen Face and Head Mouse, improved based on user feedback

Perceptive Devices Releases Smyle Mouse Version 1.2 for Hands-free Head Mouse Control via Face Gestures

Smyle Mouse Version 1.2 improves lives by delivering hands-free, touch-free and voice-free computer control via gentle head motions and facial expressions for use by people with disabilities. Underlying gestures can also be used for hands-free control of Augmented / Virtual / Mixed Reality devices and applications.

MASON, Ohio, Oct. 13, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Perceptive Devices, which provides patented and award winning technology in the field of Human Computer Interaction, today announced the latest release of its head and face gesture mouse control software, the Smyle Mouse.

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“I lost the use of my arms about two years ago so whenever I used the computer I needed assistance. Obviously, my productivity decreased dramatically, impacting not only my career but my family life as well.  Before Smyle Mouse, I only spent about 30 minutes a day on my laptop, but now, I can use my laptop over nine hours a day without assistance,” said Jeff Nicklas, USA.

Smyle Mouse allows users to achieve mouse control in a completely hands-free, touch-free and voice-free fashion.  It tracks the user’s head motions and facial gestures via a simple webcam and translates them into mouse commands for precise and responsive mouse control.  A user can initiate a click, scroll or drag by simply smiling.  Such hands-free head mouse control can be very useful to millions of people around the world who experience difficulties in using their hands due to disabilities such as spinal cord injury, stroke, Multiple Sclerosis, ALS and carpal tunnel syndrome.  The latest release (version 1.2) incorporates multiple improvements allowing for increased user productivity as well as for customization of the Smyle Mouse experience.  The software is designed for devices running Microsoft Windows Operating System (versions 7 and above).  Users can try it for free for 14 days by visiting the website

Augmented / Virtual / Mixed Reality (AR/VR/MR) devices can also utilize Perceptive Devices’ head and face gestures for a wide variety of applications ranging from industrial maintenance, manufacturing, logistics, transportation, security, defense to medical/surgical applications in order to increase productivity and safety. The technology allows AR/VR/MR devices to sense users’ head motions and facial expressions via simple, small sensors embedded in those devices, thereby providing hands-free, touch-free and voice-free control to their users.

About Perceptive Devices
Perceptive Devices LLC is based in Mason, Ohio, USA.  The company has been performing research and development in the field of Human Computer Interaction for last 6 years, with a specialization in development of gestures that are performable without the use of hands or arms.

Perceptive Devices has already been granted a highly cited US Patent and has multiple additional patents pending.  Their gesture control technology also won the “Technology That Improves Lives” award based on a contest organized by Consumer Electronics Association (CEA/CTA) Foundation in 2015.  This technology is now available for licensing in consumer as well as enterprise devices and applications, including AR/VR/MR.

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