Smyle Mouse Gets Nods & Smiles at ATIA 2020 Conference

Uday Parshionikar | February 14, 2020
Hands-free fun with Smyle Mouse Smyle Mouse, the next-gen head controlled mouse software, was recently exhibited at the Assistive Technology Industry Association Conference in Orlando, FL.  The exhibit had a live demo of Smyle Mouse for passersby to try.  Users enjoyed using th

Smyle Mouse Head Mouse: One of the Favorite Assistive Tech at ATIA 2016

Uday Parshionikar | December 20, 2016
People with limited physical ability can manipulate the mouse with a smile and small head movements. These are tracked by a webcam so the user can click, scroll, and even click and drag in order to read accessible text. See a video.. Blog by June Behrman,