June 5, 2016

Perceptive Devices designs a mouse you can click with your smile

In a PC World article exploring innovative human-computer interaction, Perceptive Devices introduces a pioneering technology that replaces traditional PC interfaces with intuitive, non-touch commands. This technology, demonstrated at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, includes face recognition for login, voice commands for typing, and eye tracking for cursor movement. The highlight is a unique “smile tracking” feature, presented in two forms: smart glasses developed by CEO Uday Parshionikar and a hardware-free version named “Smyle.” Both systems use smile detection to replicate mouse clicks, with the smart glasses sensing cheek movement and Smyle utilizing camera-based smile recognition. This technology offers significant potential for VR/AR headsets and provides a groundbreaking tool for individuals with disabilities to interact with computers. Parshionikar aims to license this technology to other manufacturers for broader application.

See the original article by Mark Hachman, PC World, here — https://www.pcworld.com/article/418964/perceptive-devices-designs-a-mouse-you-can-click-with-your-smile.html