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The Smyle Mouse head mouse control software is developed by Perceptive Devices LLC, based in Mason, Ohio, USA. We have been performing research and development in the field of Human Computer Interaction, and head mouse control in particular, since 2010. We specialize in development of gestures that are performable without the use of hands or arms. Smyle Mouse's hands-free and voice-free assistive technology highlights some of these gestures.

Perceptive Devices LLC is the holder of a very highly cited US Patent family that includes US Patent # 9,013,264 & 9,785,242. We also have multiple additional patents pending. Our head mouse and face gesture control technology won the "Technology That Improves Lives" award based on a contest organized by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA/CTA) Foundation in 2015. Smyle Mouse head mouse won the People's Choice award at the RESNA 2017 Conference, which was given based on votes by hundreds of professionals and experts in the field of Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology. Our head mouse and gesture control technology is now also available for licensing in consumer as well as enterprise devices and applications, including Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality.

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